Man-Made Paradise – A New Nature Film About Lake Tisza

Three well-known Hungarian filmmakers – Dimitry Ljasuk, Balázs Szendőfi, and Zoltán Fehér – have teamed up to make a new documentary about the wildlife of Lake Tisza. ‘A Man-Made Paradise’ will be released in cinemas in the autumn, but the filmmakers have organized a few premiere screenings with audience meetings.

The film was made with the support of Active Hungary and the Active and Ecotourism Development Centre. 


The Tisza has meandered through the Great Plain for thousands of years. Ever since man first appeared on its banks, he has been trying to put the blonde river at his service. He has drunk its water, irrigated it, cut it up and levelled it. And 50 years ago he stopped it to turn it into a big reservoir.

Little did he know then that his work would conjure up the world of the ancient Tisza. Thanks to the river’s waters, a unique ecosystem has been created. Man built it, nature built it. Thus was created a man-made paradise: the Tisza Lake.

The narrator of the film, Dimitry Ljasuk, takes the viewer by the hand and shows, through all 4 seasons, what this special place has become over the decades. Millions of special birds and fish have settled here, and the dense vegetation has painted the banks of the blonde river green. Today, wild meanders, black-water inland lakes, labyrinths of reeds and thousands of islands are reminiscent of the ancient Tisza. Man built it, nature built it. This is how the man-made paradise of Lake Tisza was created.

What a beautiful thing we have created, even though we did not make it. But we are the ones who are responsible for it, who can preserve and take care of the gift we have received from nature.

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