XI Tisza River PLASTIC CUP Litter Collecting Competiton

For days, the environmentalists of the XI Tisza PET Cup cleaned the river and its floodplain from 937 bags, approximately 6.1 tons of waste, in new waters, along the 70 km stretch of the Middle Tisza between Kisköre and Szolnok. 

The youngest generation is increasingly represented among the participants. Thanks to successful interventions in the headwaters, successful waste collection campaigns in the Upper Tisza in previous years and the waste interception capacity of the Kisköre Dumpster, fewer littered petcocks were encountered in the floodplain forests. The high banks, red ants, mosquitoes and changeable weather conditions have still had their toll. In the competition for boats made from pill bottles, the team of Siemens Energy corporate volunteers and their children once again won the most waste, also coming top in per capita waste collection, and winning the Tisza Hero award. The event was supported by the Ministry of Energy (EM).

The whole fleet deserves praise!

The main event in a series of summer races, the week-long competition saw experienced teams compete as a family. Among the veteran petal boats, there were returning participants from each of the four boats of the first Tisza PET Cup. To the delight of the organisers, the youngest generation was also represented in outstanding numbers: among the volunteers were again a good number of youngsters from the PET Cup’s junior team, UP, and – with only one exception – there were children on all the boats. The boat with the most children, the Pelican team from the Waldorf school in Gödöllő, was the only one to have 10 children, accompanied by 8 adults, who were persevering in their efforts to collect waste.

The podium teams of the XI Tisza PET Cup:

1st place: Siemens Energy, who once again came top of the podium with an extraordinary result of 254 bags of collected waste, thus retaining their title

2nd place: Siemens Rowing-SÖK, with 173 bags of waste

3rd place: KÖTIVIZIG, 117 bags of waste

Tisza Hero Award (most waste collected per capita): Siemens Energy

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