25th “Fish of Tisza” Festival in Szeged

In a country where Fisherman’s Soup (Halászlé) is more than a national dish, a Fish Festival truly is a joyous occasion where a whole city may come together. 

After a two-year gap from Covid, the city of Szeged hosted fishmongers and chefs, breweries and wine-makers as well as families and their traditional recipes with secret ingredients.

A 3000-liter cauldron, sort of a symbol of the festival for many years, was exhibited well before the kick-off of the festival – no wonder the event attracted many tourists and numerous participants who all wanted to show the world (and their competitors) what makes their soup stand out.

For the first time, a ‘fishless Fisherman’s soup’ a.k.a. the vegan version with eggplant also entered the competition.

Ready for some genuine celebration of fish and traditional cuisine? 

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