The Colourful Containers Ecological Movement Asks for Help

As the Russian army is attacking Ukraine’s electrical grid, Berehove’s waste collection and processing center, Кольорові Баки – Színes Tartályok (Colourful Containers), is having difficulty continuing to operate; hence Tisza’s plastic pollution will increase.

The company reported the news in a Facebook post – also shared by PET Cup, a Hungarian NGO working to protect the river Tisza, which supports the company’s operations. 

Victor Buchinsky, the head of the plant, has already explained to the Hungarian news site Telex earlier this year how the war and the refugee crisis have made waste collection difficult. Still, now the situation has got even worse. In the past three weeks, they have only had electricity at night. Therefore they’ve been struggling to process the constantly increasing volume of waste that’s coming to the plant, which is continuously growing because many Ukrainians have moved closer to the country’s Western border to further away from the front lines.

Their compactor only works with electricity and can’t sort the waste and deliver it to their customers. Due to the lack of operations, they have no income, so they can’t pay their employees and rental fees while their storages are close to complete.

Pet Cup have also shared in their post on social media that an industrial generator, used or new, could help to solve the issue.

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