Tiszárium, a New Visitors’ Center on Lake Tisza

The plans to build a new visitors’ center were presented in February, with MPs and the Mayor of Tiszafüred as keynote speakers. The leading architect of the Tiszárium’s design team showed the visual plans of the facility that will be built on the banks of the Örvényi-Morotva, designed around the Árpád-era church. Their goal was to create a building complex that fits smoothly into the natural environment and is based on the traditions and values of the region. The managing director of the company, who initiated the construction, gave a short report on the idea of the Tiszárium.

The event was concluded by the director of the Pál Kiss Museum, who presented the archaeological excavations on the hill of Örvény’s church, which is closely related to the visitor center project.

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