A New Method of Mosquito Control Starts on Lake Tisza

The first week of April marks the kick-off of an effective mosquito control campaign by the National Directorate for Disaster Management of Hungary. As a first step, aerial biological methods will be used along the Tisza and the Körös rivers and on Lake Tisza to control mosquito populations.

Over the past three years, NDDM has mapped breeding sites for biting midges in areas where mosquitoes significantly disturb humans regularly.

Knowing where mosquito larvae breed is now an accurate and effective biological method to control mosquito larvae. In biological mosquito control, a preparation containing a protein produced by a natural bacterium is released into the water where the mosquitoes breed. 

This protein, at the dose applied, kills only the larvae of biting mosquitoes and is entirely harmless to all other organisms, including mosquito larvae. 

Biological mosquito control starts on 5 April in the breeding areas on the Tisza, which were created after the recent minor flooding. The cooler weather slows the development of the larvae, so the specialists will carry out the treatments before the warming up is expected next week. Insect biologists commissioned by NDDM have been monitoring the emergence and development of the larvae since the beginning of March and are using this information to plan treatment.

What’s wrong with the old method?

Chemical mosquito control can negatively impact human health (some pesticides have been linked to developmental and neurological problems). It may also affect the environment, harming beneficial insects like bees and butterflies and aquatic organisms like fish and other wildlife. While it damages water sources and ecosystems, mosquitoes can also develop resistance to chemicals over time, making them less effective. Considering all the many pros and barely any cons, experts say that biological mosquito control is far superior to the chemical.

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