The NGO Plastic Cup Launches Project SWAP (Safe Water Access Point) In Ukraine

We’ve previously written about the non-profit organization Plastic Cup, whose volunteers work tirelessly to keep plastic pollution away from River Tisza.

This time they took it a step further with SWAP, a Safe Water Access Point that will provide drinking water in Ukraine’s Transcarpathian regions where public utility services aren’t present. The project is their joint effort with the General Directorate of Water Management in Hungary and Coca-Cola.

The SWAP itself is a refurbished container – once installed, it will be a community centre and a place where locals can clean.

In the container a water purification device will supply drinking water; the equipment itself was first introduced to the public in September 2002, during PET Kupa’s river cleaning program at Lake Tisza, when many have tried the water taken from river Tisza and turned into drinking water.

More than a source of water

In the Transcarpathian region, plenty of plastic waste ends up in the water at the source of River Tisza due to the lack of public utilities. The SWAP aims to change attitudes by drawing attention to the issue, as it will also become a collection point for plastic and recyclable waste – it might also be an example of areas where selective waste collection and garbage collection are not available.

The container will be well-equipped, having devices on board (e.g. shower, kitchen and washing machine), all that deals with the daily use of clean water and can be used by several people in need.

Before transporting the SWAP to Ukraine in July, you can glimpse it in Budapest.

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