The European Parliament Was Informed About the Severe River Contamination in Romania by a Cluj-Based Researcher

Transylvanian academic Péter Hantz wants the Romanian authorities to finally take real action against river pollution – especially as water is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity, with rivers in southern Europe drying up.

The ecological degradation of many rivers is caused by the dumping of plastic waste and heavy metal-contaminated water leaking from mines, sometimes to the extent of wiping out the fauna along stretches of rivers stretching for tens of kilometers. After bringing the results of his measurements to the attention of the relevant Romanian, Hungarian, and European authorities, the researcher was invited to present to the European Parliament’s Committee on Petitions. Following the presentation on Wednesday, the Transylvanian scientist told Transtelex that he would be pleased if the committee members would accept his invitation and come to Transylvania to see for themselves the state of the rivers in question. In his opinion, there is a need for international cooperation and, at the same time, for pressure to be brought to bear to resolve the situation.

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