Celebrating New Year with an ice-cold splash in Lake Tisza

If you follow the news about river Tisza, you may have heard of Dimitry Ljasuk, an independent moviemaker whose love for the river is well-known – we also have written about his work earlier. This time he asked people to do something merrier. 

Because he also wants to make people aware that it’s time to change their lifestyles, he is raising awareness in many ways, so he urged people to dive into Lake Tisza on 7 January for the third time in three years. The event, organized by Dimitry, proved to be very popular, with a large crowd choosing this unique winter sport. In three years, the number of participants has increased nearly fiftyfold.

Before the cheerful event, Sándor Czókoly, chaplain of Tiszafüred, blessed the Tisza Lake. The consecration of water, a centuries-old tradition of the Greek and Roman Catholic Churches, used to be a common practice, and there is still a strong desire to consecrate water in its natural state.

“This year, 447 of us ‘splashed.’ I didn’t expect so many people; there were 94 last year and only 10 three years ago. I’m grateful and happy that so many people plunge into the cold water to feel the power of the Tisza at this time of the year, even in winter. There’s humbleness and respect towards the river, and the blessing of the Father expresses it. We are certainly starting the year well, spiritually and physically,” said Dimitry Ljasuk.

What other plans does Dimitry have for Lake Tisza this year?

He also told sokszinuvidek.hu, a Hungarian website, that “There was no litter picking last year, but I will organize one this spring. In a couple of weeks, we’ll be riding around the lake; it will be a contemplative nature break with multiple stops to relax. We’re expanding Jóreménység (Good Hope) Island as a community recreation area, turning it into an educational trail. Volunteers can help with this too.”

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