Floods and waterlogging

If you follow what is happening with river Tisza, you may remember the news about long periods of droughts caused by heat waves, similarly to many areas and regions on the northern hemisphere. 

Now it has been reported that the prolonged drought has now ended everywhere along river Tisza and soils have become saturated, and in parts of the Great Plain, waterlogging has already occurred: for deeper, saline, clay-based soils it’s harder to let water through, which is why lakes with large surfaces are forming. 

Floods now cause a real concern – so much so that a state of emergency has already been declared on 10 sections of the river, as a major flood wave is moving down the river. It was caused by the heavy rainfalls in the region, more than 100 mm in the first two weeks of December, and it will take some time until it’s over. On the upper sections of the river the flood alert level will be set to level two, however, the flood and waterlogging protection situation will not get worse in the coming days, with a drier period ahead.

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